Monday, February 24, 2014


This year 2014 , one of the significant changes in formula 1 is change of power units from 2.4L V8 to 1.6 L V6 turbo engines. 

Question is what turbo engines really means. 

In nutshell, current engines leads to lot of waste gases after the combustion cycle, but with introduction of turbo modules the exhaust gas is used to compress and feed more air into the combustion engine leading to improves combustion and improved power with smaller engines. 

Put it this way, 

Old technology theory states.: 

More Power directly proportional to number of combustion chamber. So V8 generates more power than V6 

Turbo technology states: 

More power directly proportional to improvement in air combustion by compressing more gas in combustion chamber. So V6 with turbo can generates pretty much same power as non turbo V8's

If all the above are still confusing, check the video:

The only loss would be (which i hope not) is engine noise.I still love the V8 sound, will take some time to get used to V6 turbos.

Check out the image from honeywell site. 

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