Saturday, February 1, 2014

Throttle System Cleaning - Toyota Camry 2002 - Idling Issue

In my previous post i did mention about idling issue which i did hope will be resolved by cleaning throttle system.

So i tried to clean and to be honest won't say  it was a cake walk mainly for a person who is new to ripping car parts. There is always an element of unknown(anxiety' probably is right word) when you are trying to open up some of  the car parts yourself.

Well to summarize if you are planning to clean yourself, so have the following handy :

- CRC Throttle Body and Air-Intake Cleaner [ There are more brands but i used this one]
- Screw driver / Rachet with 10mm screw opener.[ I got this from home depot for 6 bucks]

Image below shows the part you need to clean.

Search for "Toyota Camry Year XXXX" in youtube and there are tons of video to take you through the steps.

Also putting all parts together if you see engine or any other light on then you can get rid of it by disconnecting the negative terminal of battery and putting it back.

Just be cautious, its quite easy to pull some tubes and  break it.

Enjoy Ripping :-)

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