Friday, May 18, 2007


I am so much happy today , i received my tickets for the Indianapolis Grand Prix 2007 . I am so excited. Keep a watch here , this blog is gonna flood with Pictures.

Keynotes of F1 Spanish Grand prix :

1) Race starts and Alonso tries to make a move over Massa from outside, but i must say it was a great drive by Massa who managed to keep his position and result :Alonso on Mud (he is one lucky guy , car was intact and running good even after MUD drive)

2)Kimi got problems with car and pulls over to pits giving Alonso breathing space

3)Hamilton maintaining a clean drive and managed to get more points

4)Fishicella's wild drive throughout the Race,unfotunately not able to get into the points. But for me it was fun watching him driving , you can actualy see the desperation to get some points

5)David Coulthard strong drive with that Red Bull's

6)Sato getting first point of the season for Super Aguri

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Montoyo position in NASCAR

All the F1 fan's am sure aware of the Juan Pablo Montoyo has joined the NASCAR team owned by "Floyd Ganassi" .He runs a car manufactured by Dodge . Am not sure how different Nascar is from F1 , so in order to find out i followed the 499 nextel cup last weekend. I was using the provided "TrackPass" functionality , well i loved this functionality and it would be so great to have a similar stuff in our formula 1 site.

They call it as "TrackPass" , it gives the drives view in a animated form and you will actually feel you are in the car and you can also hear the conversation of your favorite driver with his pit crew,

check the below link

I used TrackPass for Montoyo and followed him for around 100 laps , was also listening to the conversation of driver with pit crew. It was a great experience.

But still i was not able to figure out the strategy in NASCAR , may need to follow some more races.

Anyways check out the below link for current standing of Montoyo in Nascar :

More to come....