Saturday, April 21, 2007

Superiority of F1 car

Well this shows the extreme machines in action , AWESOME video.

Friday, April 20, 2007

F1 star Narain Kartikeyan running in A1GP

People always ask me same question what happened to Narain Kartikeyan ,India's F1 star.
Till 2006 he was quite famous in F1 world in 2005 as a race driver for jordan and test driver for williams team in 2006 .
What is he doing in 2007?

He is still alive in motor sports and running A1GP car :) .
check out the Indian team :

Though national team performance haven't been all that good but we managed to score some points and are at 19 position out of 22.Am sure we would be in top 10 in coming times.
Latest results:

Kudos!!! INDIA...

F1 2007 calender

Am sure all are looking out for a good place for F1 timetable, well this one is one of my favorite :
Enjoy !!!!

Racing the Extreme Sport

Well this blog has come up after a long wait, i have been updating my other technical blog so much that this initiative was slipping a lot .But today i have decided to put up a stepping stone towards this blog .
It all started today (April 20,2007 ) morning , the day was great as usual but it is raining and weather is excellent in LA,CA. I was reading articles on site for latest update about my favorite sport and then in a flash it stuck to my mind , why not to have a personal blog for my favorite sports . I was also reading about f1 track proposed in delhi and i found this to be a great opportunity to start this initiative to track all news in motor sports world F1 ,A1 and WRC to be precise ;) (my fav) . There are other sports like Nascar which i am trying to understand as per the strategy is concerned , currently its only a merry go round for me , so we can take these sports later:).

So in case you need updates on motor sports , this is the place. Feel free to make comments......